sell my mobile reviews

Sell my mobile reviews

Why are reviews important?

Let’s be honest: almost anyone can build a website these days. So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff when you’re looking to sell your mobile online? The answer: sell my mobile reviews. Reviews are the cornerstone of dealing with an Internet business; a compass that helps you safely navigate the world of eCommerce websites. But just as a website can be built fairly easily using free tools, reviews can just as easily be fabricated.

Identifying legitimate reviews

How do you identify which reviews are legitimate and which are illicitly created by companies and their employees? First, let’s take a step back. Rather than focusing on individual reviews, let’s discuss review platforms.

A review platform is simply a website which collects, and displays, reviews. While these tend to be more trustworthy than the ‘testimonials’ you see hosted on company website, independent review websites do vary in their credibility. It is for this reason that Gecko Mobile Recycling uses TrustPilot as their review platform.

TrustPilot uses advanced technology to detect and flag fraudulent reviews. On top of this they have the functionality to automatically ask ALL customers for reviews, which prevents only customers who had a ‘good’ experience from being asked to leave a review. Another thing which makes TrustPilot so credible is that they will never take down the review of a legitimate customer at the request of the company the customer used.

So there you have it - how to identify great sell my mobile reviews. Make sure you check out our reviews.

sell my mobile reviews

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