Sell my iPhone

Sell my iPhone

Why sell your iPhone?

Apple releases a shiny new iPhone to the masses every year like clockwork. It's always thinner, faster and better than previous models. No one can blame you for wanting to get your hands on the latest tech!

Similarly, many carriers make upgrading an appealing option. For example, networks like O2 now allow you to separate the component of the contract that pays off the cost of the handset from the part that covers the service (calls, texts, data, etc.). This means you can upgrade after a shorter period of time. Some networks will even give you a new handset for free after a certain period of time (usually one or two years). This makes getting your hands on the latest iPhone even more tantalising.

There are many reasons you might want to sell your old iPhone. Whether it's because Apple has released a new model, or your contract allows you to upgrade, the question then, of course, is what to do with your old handset?

Selling your iPhone privately

Selling your iPhone privately is certainly an option. It can be a quick and easy sale. The difficulty is finding someone who is willing to shell out for it though. Your friends may not want your unwanted iPhone, especially if it is an older model like the iPhone 4S. Similarly, if your iPhone is faulty or broken, selling it becomes a whole lot harder.

Some people choose to sell their iPhone on an auction website instead. This can be a good option, however many are put off by the hidden fees, postage charges and having to deal with buyer returns if anything goes wrong. Fees can be around 14% of the sale price, and then postage and packaging costs around £10. This makes selling your iPhone on an auction website a whole lot less appealing.

Selling your iPhone to a mobile phone recycling service

Selling your iPhone to a mobile phone recycling service is quicker and easier than selling it privately. There are still a few important factors to consider when comparing mobile phone recycling services, though. These are Price, Speed and Service. All three factors are related as will become clear...


Price is obviously an important factor to consider when recycling your old iPhone. However not all mobile recycling companies pay the price they say they will. It is also important to realise that a good price doesn't necessarily mean good value.

Some mobile recyclers have a bad reputation for luring customers in with unrealistic and inflated prices only to give them a lower offer once their handset arrives. This is why it is always important to read a recyclers Terms & Conditions which is the legally binding agreement between you and them. T&Cs can be dull and boring, but it's important to read the small print as unscrupulous recyclers will often point to them as their excuse for lowering your offer. Here at Gecko Mobile Recycling we have a transparent, fair and common sense approach to valuing devices. We allow you to flag up anything that will affect the value of your device during the registration process, so you get an accurate valuation. If upon inspection your device doesn't match the information you provided we will give you a fair valuation based upon the prices on our website, and what it actually costs to repair your device (in the case of faulty mobiles). You can either accept the adjusted offer or ask for your mobile to be returned for FREE (other recyclers charge up to £10 for returns).


This one is obvious. You don't want to be hanging around for days waiting for the money for your phone to show up. Gecko Mobile Recycling is one of the few mobile recycling services that offers true same day payment. Many recyclers claim to pay the same day your device arrives but actually pay you the following day. Although we have to have a cut off time due to the volume of devices we receive, we process the large majority of payments the same day your iPhone arrives.

Another factor to consider is how long it will take your mobile to arrive with the recycler. The pre-paid postage label we provide is for a service called Royal Mail Tracked Returns 24. This is a tracked service which has a next day delivery target. Most of our competitors use slower Royal Mail Tracked Returns 48 labels which can take a few days to arrive. In short, with us you get your money as fast as humanly possible!


Customer service may not seem important with a mobile recycling service. But what if something goes wrong? Let's say your mobile has a fault but you didn't realise, and you want an explanation before accepting the adjusted offer. In cases like this you want a fast and informative response. Some recyclers neglect the customer support aspect of their business. But with Gecko Mobile Recycling you can contact us any time and expect a response within 24 hours! You can rest assured that we've got your back if things go wrong.

The best way to sell your iPhone

The best way to sell your iPhone depends on your personal circumstances. But we feel that if you want a quick, simple and stress free way to get a fair price for your unwanted iPhone our mobile recycling service is for you!

Sell my iPhone

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