iPad Recycling

iPad recycling

What is iPad recycling?

iPad recycling is simply the the re-use of iPads. Many people have been stuck with an unwanted iPad after upgrading. Yet not everyone knows an easy way to get cash for it. iPad recycling services take the stress out of selling your old iPad by making the process quick, reliable and easy. Gecko Mobile Recycling do all three of these things with our simple website, free postage options and same day pay.

How to recycle your iPad with Gecko Mobile Recycling

Selling your iPad to Gecko Mobile Recycling is easy. It is essentially a three step process:

1) Register your sale

Simply fill out the form on the iPad product page.

2) Post your iPad

Print our free 1st Class Royal Mail postage label. Package your iPad. Then drop it off at the Post Office. You'll be able to track your parcel online.

3) Same Day Pay

So I guess there are only 2 steps really, as you don’t need to do anything in step 3 (but 3 is a magic number, right?). You just need to enjoy the money that magically appears in your account the day we receive your iPad. We make iPad recycling easy!

iPad recycling

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