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Pope’s iPad Sells For $30,500!

pope sells iPad

Nobody can say that iPads are cheap, but would you pay $30,500 for one? No? Well, that’s what one person did in April when they bought a special iPad at auction. Last month, Pope Francis auctioned off his iPad in aid of a good cause. As you might imagine, the move got a whole load of media attention and bidders from around the globe tried to win the holy gadget. It is not the first time the Pope has auctioned off his things. Last year, he sold a Harley Davidson for $320,000 at auction. The motorbike had been a gift, yet he decided to donate the money to a local charity.

Charity auction

At a charity auction in Uruguay last month, the Pope decided to put his used iPad up for sale. After many bidders had attempted to win the device, it was an over-the-phone bidder who claimed it. Bidding a massive $30,500, the person won the iPad with ease. The proceeds from the auction have gone towards helping a local Uruguayan school for poor children. As you might imagine, the Pope is no stranger to charitable activities, and this one follows a long history of similar events.

So, who bought the iPad?

Many people are wondering who bought the iPad. Since the bidder paid over the phone, it is hard to know who it was. It must have been someone with a lot of cash to splash, given the amount they were willing to pay for the gadget. Right now, nobody knows who the anonymous bidder was, and we are unlikely to find out anytime soon. People have speculated about who it might be, but with the officials keeping their lips sealed, we may never know the truth.

What did they get for $30,500?

For that amount of money, you might expect that the buyer would get more than just an iPad. Well, the gadget did come with its fair share of extras. On the back of the device, there is an inscription that says, “His Holiness Francisco. Servizio Internet Vatican, March 2013.” There is also a certificate from the Vatican that serves as proof of the iPad’s authenticity. That means that the buyer can prove that the gadget was once the property of the Pope. Aside from that, it appears that Pope Francis has also thrown in an old keyboard so that they buyer can use the gadget as a mini-notebook.

Pope Francis Vs. technology

For some people, it seems a little odd that a holy man such as Pope Francis has such an interest in technology. People don’t tend to associate mainstream religion with gadgets, yet the Pope has always loved them. He has said that the internet is a “gift from God” and says that we should use it to try and spread the word of Christianity. He has also used the video chat function on Google Hangouts to communicate with disabled children around the globe. His use of gadgets shows that even the most ancient of religions can learn to embrace new technology.