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Sell Broken iPad

Sell Broken iPad

Selling a broken iPad can be tricky.  Often, the issue is something small like a cracked glass touch panel. When this is the case, it feels unfair for the price to be slashed by more than the repair cost.  But this is exactly what most recyclers do – typically reducing the offer by 70%.

At Gecko Mobile Recycling we think it is only fair to reduce a faulty iPad’s value by its repair cost, and not a penny more. Now, when you go to register a sale on our website, you can choose the most common faults and get a tailored quote up front, based on their repair cost. If your fault isn’t listed, don’t worry! You can choose Other Faults and we will make an adjusted offer after we have tested your iPad. This is to ensure that you get the maximum possible value for it, as some repairs are more expensive than others.

So next time you crack your precious iPhone or iPad and it’s time to upgrade, you needn’t worry about getting pennies as you could be getting pounds with Gecko Mobile Recycling!

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