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Does It Matter That HTC ripped Off The iPhone?

The Apple vs, Android debate has raged wildly for almost a decade now. Each corner fights fiercely to dominate the market. While their respective fans and customers will argue their merits until they’re blue in the face. But, the whole debate came to a big, public head this week.

HTC released its latest successor, the HTC One A9. On paper, it’s a fantastic addition to their line up. It has one of the best cameras on the market, improved graphics, and Android’s new Marshmallow operating system. It’s a brilliant phone.

But critics couldn’t help but notice one small detail. It looks exactly like the iPhone 6.


Has HTC purposely copied Apple’s flagship design? Or is it purely an accident? A byproduct of inspiration and current trends? Well, the jury is decidedly in Apple’s camp, if you read the myriad blogs and articles on the internet. Meanwhile, HTC are claiming it’s Apple that are copying them! It’s getting heated over in Silicon Valley, that’s for sure.

Apple vs. Android

The division between Apple and Android users is almost tribal. A blind loyalty exists among the two biggest mobile operators. Apple generally has the upper hand in terms of design and usability. But, arguably, Android is the more powerful operating system. And loyal Android customers love the customisation. It’s always been fairly amicable between the two, but this issue is stirring things up!

What exactly has HTC copied?

Well, take one look at the new A9, and it’s not hard to see the similarities. The HTC has the same sleek design as the iPhone 6. The rounded corners have obvious connections with the new Apple design. And, most incriminating of all, the protruding camera lens is suspiciously similar. There’s also an antenna on the back, which Apple famously changed in previous iterations. Not to mention the familiar looking range of metallic colours which mimics Apple’s latest design.

Or is it the other way round?

The biggest argument coming from the HTC camp is that Apple actually copied them. They have called their HTC a ‘design worth imitating’, and they clearly think Apple have done exactly that. They maintain that they were the first to introduce metallic designs. They also claim to have been the first to put the antenna on the back of the phone. They might have a point on the antenna, but the rest of the argument falls distinctly flat. It seems the internet is having trouble believing HTC’s claims!

Does it matter?

At the end of the day, Apple and Android have been borrowing ideas from each other for a decade. Apple adopted Android’s keyboard shortcuts and their split screen mode. They also stole Google maps (though quite frankly, Apple can keep Apple maps). The point is that tech companies take inspiration from everywhere. In the end, it helps create better products. Is this is a step too far? Maybe.
What do you think, readers? Is the new HTC a blatant rip off? And do you care? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and rants in the comment section.

IKEA Creates iPhone 6 Adapter

The world of technology is forever changing and expanding. Now, mainstream stores, such as IKEA, have begun to release a range of modern gadgets and furniture pieces. These high-tech pieces seek to combine both functionality and style. They allow customers to use their gadgets in their home with complete and utter ease.

One of the latest developments has to be IKEA’s range of phone-charging furniture pieces. These cool, new pieces can charge smartphones with Qi wireless charging, but what about other phones? Luckily, the Swedish multinational company has come up with a solution to this minor problem.

IKEA iphone 6 charger

What is Qi wireless charging?

You may have heard of this new technology, but do you know what it does? Some new smartphones, including the Nexus 4, have a built-in charging system that allows people to charge it. All you need to do is pop the phone on a charging pad (rather than plugging it into the main power) and leave it to charge. This design is the height of contemporary technology and a function that is sure to take off in the next few years. The range of furniture that IKEA has just released have built-in charging pads.

The IKEA iPhone 6 adapter

Strangely enough, two of the most popular phones on the market, the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, do not have this technology. That is why IKEA have now released a new gadget to help turn these two phones into ready-to-charge ones. The gadget’s name is VITAHULT.

The adapter is easy to use. In fact, it looks much like a regular phone case. To use the device, a customer has to slip it over their current phone. Once a user pops the gadget over their phone, they can use any of the charging pads around their home to charge their phone. In effect, that means that the gadget transforms either smartphone into one with remote charging. Experts believe that the device will be extremely popular when it hits stores in Spring 2015.

What does the range include?

It is not just charging pads that can charge the smartphones – there will be a range of furniture pieces that also have this ability. There are many super sleek and sophisticated pieces within the range. For example, the store will release a range of lamps and nightstands, which will have built-in pads you can use whenever you need to do so.

Is it worth the money?

The range of gadgets and furnishings are quite reasonable when you compare them to similar pieces on the market. In keeping with IKEA’s house style, the pieces are contemporary and chic. The idea of charging a phone without a traditional charger is one that has been a long time in the making. Now, many modern smartphones have this capability. With this brand new technology available to everybody, it is clear to see that most mainstream brands will follow suit. The novelty of charging a smartphone by putting it on a particular surface is enough to sell the gadget to many users. Whether this device has any longevity, though, is still unclear.