iPads And iPhones Hit By Piracy App

popcorn time

Don’t you just love sitting down and watching your favourite movie? These days, people don’t bother with the cinema as much as they used to. Why should they? Now, you can get all the latest movies without leaving the house. There are, of course, many subscription based services that offer customers the best TV shows and movies. Amazon Prime Instant Video is becoming increasingly popular, yet Netflix is still ahead of the game. But, what if users could watch movies without having to pay for them? The beauty of Netflix and its competitors is that they have a simple interface that allows people to choose any show they like. For a long time, pirate sites were not as easy to use, but that all changed with the launch of Popcorn Time.

Popcorn Time

A year ago, Popcorn Time launched around the world. The app was available for download on PC devices. Once users had it, they were able to access a world of cinematic joy without having to sign up to a contract. Once opened, the app looks much like Netflix. Users can choose genres and browse loads of different shows in seconds. The app connects to torrent sites and, once a user presses play, it starts to download the film. That means that the videos on the app are super high quality, if not particularly legal.

Apple’s guidelines

While users can install almost anything they want onto Window devices, Apple has high security. If you want to release an app onto the iPad or iPhone, you need to submit it for approval. Of course, there is no way that Apple would approve an app like Popcorn Time. The app allows users to get free content, which they would need to buy from the iTunes store otherwise. There is a legal grey area when it comes to the app as well. The app itself is not illegal, yet the torrents it accesses are.

New installation tactics

Last month, though, the people behind Popcorn Time came up with an ingenious way to make sure that the app was available to everyone. Users can download an installer for their Windows computer. Once they have it, it will allow them to transfer media from their computer to their iPad or iPhone. That means that people can start downloading Popcorn Time on their Apple devices with ease. Of course, it is only a matter of time before Apple shuts this function down.

Promotional video

In celebration of their one-year anniversary, Popcorn Time released a rather weird video. The video is a cartoon featuring popcorn people. It references a range of big blockbuster movies including the Clockwork Orange. It also features some creepy voice-over work. After many setbacks, it seems that this platform is still going strong. This video seems as though it is mocking those who tried to stop the app creators from releasing it. In the past, various companies have tried to shut the app down, yet it keeps coming back, and each time it is stronger.

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