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5 Best iOS Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed

We all know the iPhone is a powerful little tool. We’ve grown up with the various generations, from the early first generation, to the brilliant iPhone 6S. One of the best things about the smartphone is that it keeps on surprising us! You can use an iPhone for months, and still find new functionality along the way. That’s what today’s post is all about. We’re looking at all the various tips and tricks that Apple have snuck into the new iOS program. (Most of the tricks we’re looking at are on the latest iOS, so some older models might not apply).

  1. Medical ID

This is not only one of the coolest tricks, it’s also one of the smartest. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use it. But if you do, it might just save your life. Using Medical ID, your phone can show all your important medical and contact info without opening the lock screen. If you’re involved in an accident, doctors and paramedic can see all the crucial info. You can add everything from blood type to prescriptions to allergies. You can also input emergency contacts. You can set all this up in the health app.

apple medical ID

  1. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is growing quickly. More and more shops and stores are accepting this as a valid form of payment. There are even rumours that they’re eating into PayPal’s market share. Using Apple Pay, you simply pay wirelessly for real life goods. You can also use it to pay for apps, rather than linking up your bank account. Once you’re inside the app, you can quickly and easily make extra purchases too.

Apple Pay

  1. Use the headphone cord to take pictures

How often do you find yourself stretching to take that perfect selfie. Maybe you’re trying to get a whole group of you in the frame! Tricky, isn’t it? But, did you know there’s an easier way? All you have to do is plug your headphones in, and use the volume button. Much more flexible. Much easier. It’ll change the way you take pictures.

take photos with Apple earphones

  1. Siri, remind me…

Siri has come a long way from its early introduction. It’s turned from something that was fun to mess around with, to a super useful tool. One of our favourites is asking Siri to remind you to do something. Let’s say you got an email about a meeting. Just say “Siri, remind me about the meeting with John at 3pm”. And Siri will give you a nudge at 3pm. It’s that simple. You can do this for just about anything.

siri remind me

  1. Find my phone

If you’re anything like us, you misplace your phone all the time. That’s where ‘find my phone’ comes in especially useful. Make sure you activate the ‘find my phone’ setting, and connect it to your iCloud account. Then, simply use your laptop to trigger a beep or vibration to your lost phone. Simple!

find my iphone

Now you know all the secrets, you can impress your friends! Do you know any more tips and tricks that we’ve missed?

12 iPhone Camera Hacks To Step Up Your Photography Game


Did you know that you can use your iPhone camera as more than just a selfie machine? That’s right, folks. You can actually produce professional quality photos and artwork with your camera phone. But, if you want to get really good, you’d better learn these 12 iPhone camera hacks, and step up your photography game.

  1. Burst mode – How many times do you take a selfie, and then take it again because it wasn’t right? And then again… And again… Instead, simply hold down the shutter button when taking a photo. It will take a burst of photos. You’re guaranteed to get at least one good one, right?


  1. Sunglasses filter – The latest iPhone comes with a pretty good range of stock filters. Instagram has another good set. But, why not get a really unique look by using your own filter? Just put your tinted sunglasses in front of the lens. Easy.


  1. Tights filter – Everyone’s using the hazy filter these days. You can show off by making your own instead. Simply stretch a pair of tights over the lens while you take a photo. I know you’re all going to go and try this now.


  1. Binocular zoom – Let’s face it, the iPhone zoom function is pretty terrible. That’s because it’s not a real zoom. It just crops the photo and enlarges it. You need a real optical zoom instead. Try putting a pair of binoculars in front of the lens.


  1. Underwater photos – Wait, what? Yep, you really can take underwater photos with your iPhone. It might sound crazy, but here’s the trick. Simply put your iPhone upside down in a clear glass. Submerge the glass slightly, and you’ll capture the underwater scenes.


  1. Tripod – Did you know that you can use your earbuds to take a photo from a distance? Just use the + button on the wire. It means you can make a little cardboard tripod, and take better photos from far away.


  1. Tap focus – The iPhone autofocus is super frustrating. Turn it off, and use the self focus. All you have to do is tap the screen where you want it to focus.


  1. Use your own lenses – There are tons of extra lenses you can buy for the iPhone. A separate fish eye lens is pretty cool. You can also use a tiny macro, held in place with some tape.


  1. HDR – Not many people know this feature exists. Turn it on, and your camera instantly takes higher quality pics. (It does take up extra space in your camera roll though).


  1. Panorama fun – Panorama shots are great for scenery. But, they’re also great for messing around. See how many times you can appear in your friend’s panorama photo. Just remember to run around the back so you don’t end up with super stretched limbs.


  1. Water drop macro – If you can’t afford an additional macro lens for your phone, use a water droplet. Put a tiny (tiny!) drop of water on the lens for a smudgy, unfocused effect.


  1. Try a time lapse – Put your iPhone in time lapse mode. Now leave it in one place, and let it take photos over a long period of time. When it’s finished, you’ll have an awesome slow-mo effect.


Got any iPhone camera hacks of your own? Let us know!