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Sell Faulty iPhone

Sell Faulty iPhone

Want to sell your faulty iPhone? Gecko Mobile Recycling can help!

An iPhone can develop many faults over its lifetime such as a cracked screen, faulty buttons or faulty speakers. This can make your mobile harder to sell on, and lowers its resale value.

That’s where Gecko Mobile Recycling come in! We only deduct what it costs to repair your iPhone from its working value, which means you get the maximum possible value for your faulty device.

Our faulty iPhone trade in service is transparent, quick and simple. Just download a pre-paid tracked postage label, pop your faulty iPhone in the post, and get paid the same day your handset arrives. It couldn’t be easier to get the best price for your faulty iPhone!

sell faulty iphone

Sell Your Broken iPhone

Sell Your Broken iPhone

You’d be surprised how many people put up with a cracked iPhone until its time to upgrade. Unfortunately, when it comes to cashing in a faulty or broken iPhone, consumers are hard-pressed to get a decent valuation for it.

Most mobile phone recycling companies will absolutely slaughter you with an instant 55-70% reduction from your device’s full working value. Does that seem fair when a typical iPhone screen repair is in the region of £35-£50?! I don’t think so!

That’s why Gecko Mobile Recycling individually test each Faulty handset or tablet in order to give an individual offer based on exactly what is wrong with your device. This means you are guaranteed to get the maximum possible value for it. And as long as it is a fault that we can repair in-house, you are guaranteed to be offered more cash for it than any other mobile recycling company!

Here are examples of typical deductions based on selling a faulty iPhone 5:

– Faulty Battery (£10)
– Cracked Screen (£40)
– Faulty Buttons (£50)

So what’s stopping you? Sell your broken iPhone today!

sell my broken iphone

Who Pays The Most For Your Old Mobile?

Want to get the best price for your iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy S but don’t know where to get it?

What you may not know is that the big mobile phone recycling companies – such as Mazuma Mobile and Envirofone – often have much lower prices than smaller recycling services like Gecko Mobile Recycling.

A quick price comparison between Mazuma, Envirofone and Gecko Mobile Recycling shows just how much more money you could make using our service.

Sell my iPhone 5S

For example, if you wanted to sell your iPad Air, you could get up to £20.99 more money for it! Whereas if you wanted to sell your Samsung Galaxy S4 you could get up to £27.89 extra! If you’re looking to sell your iPhone 5S on the other hand, you could get a whopping £40 bonus simply by choosing Gecko Mobile Recycling!

Of course it’s not all about the price, you want to make sure the company you’re sending your precious phone or tablet to has good reviews and a speedy, reliable service.

Sell your mobile for Bitcoin!

You can now sell your iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy S to Gecko Mobile Recycling for Bitcoin!

For those who don’t know, Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. It is a decentralised digital currency, which means it only exists in digital form and it operates with no central authority or banks. Instead, managing transactions and issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by a network of peers – people just like you!

Bitcoin can be hard to get hold of, so a great way of obtaining it is to sell your mobile for Bitcoin!

Visit to learn more about Bitcoin.

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Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S

Gecko Mobile Recycling is now accepting the Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones!

If you sell your Samsung Galaxy S to us you’ll be sure to get a great price for it. At the time of writing, every single Samsung Galaxy S on our website is priced higher than that of the market leader. In fact, our Samsung Galaxy S prices are over 50% higher than theirs on average! For example, the  mobile recycling leader currently offers £14 for a working Samsung Galaxy S Advance, whereas Gecko Mobile Recycling currently offers £45 – 221% more money for the same model!

So what’s stopping you? Sell your Samsung Galaxy S today!

Sell my Samsung Galaxy S