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iPhone 8: Price, Release Date & Rumours

That time of year is here again. Apple is scheduled to shortly unveil the latest iteration of its flagship product: iPhone. On the 12th of September the tech world will hold its breath as Apple executives announce a device expected to be dubbed iPhone 8. This year’s release is said to be a significant upgrade from the iPhone 7, not least because it is iPhone’s 10th birthday. Here is what we know so far about the iPhone 8 release date, price and other rumours…

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Release Date

Although the new iPhone will almost certainly be announced on September 12, we need to wait for Apple to confirm the release date. According to TechRadar the iPhone 8 will be released at the end of September or October, with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus being released beforehand in mid September. Demand for the new models is expected to be high, so we recommend pre-ordering your new phone as soon as you can.

iPhone 8 Price

According to a recent report by the New York Times, Apple’s new iPhone is set to be priced at an eye-watering $999 (£780) for the base model. If true, this is a significant increase from the £599 32GB iPhone 7.

Like its predecessors,  you will need to cough up extra if you want more storage for your iPhone 8. Rumours suggest that the new phone will come in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB storage configurations. This would make sense as the latest iPad boasts the same storage options, and will be welcome news for anyone who stores lots of media on their device.

iPhone 8 Features & Design

iPhone 8 Rear Housing

According to MacRumours the iPhone 8 is a big departure from its predecessors in terms of design. Apple are said to be doing away with the outdated LCD technology used in its previous iPhones, and replacing it with OLED technology in at least the premium iPhone 8 model. This will allow for a thinner device that uses less power, with a much higher quality display than previous models. The screen size of the new model is said to be 5.5″, the same as the iPhone 7 Plus.

In addition to an OLED display, the new iPhone is rumoured to boast an all glass enclosure (not great if you have slippery fingers!). It is yet to be seen whether Apple will do anything to strengthen the housing (for example using Corning Gorilla Glass, or sapphire as they have in their camera lenses and home buttons of the past).

Speaking of home buttons, the iPhone 8 is set to shun its main button. The rumoured edge-to-edge glass display will take its place, with face recognition replacing the function of Touch ID.

Fans of Samsung’s wireless charging will rejoice as the iPhone 8 is reportedly set to adopt the technology. Leaked images from Foxconn – who manufacture Apple’s devices – show an induction charging coil, adding weight to the rumour.

Leaked images of iPhone 8 induction charging coil.

Under the hood, it may come as no surprise that Apple has kitted the iPhone 8 out with the latest silicon. The new A11 chip is both faster and more energy efficient than earlier iterations.

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iPhone 6 Price, Release Date Now Imminent

If Apple’s history of releasing new products during September is anything to go by, then the iPhone 6 release date is more than likely to fall in the first week of next month.

Reliable sources have also confirmed that two new smartphones will be released simultaneously — the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch phablet, already dubbed the iPhone Air.

Meanwhile, what seems to set the new smartphones apart from its predecessors are its larger screens, roundness at the corners, and lines running from top to bottom which improve reception and user experience. These are sure to please teeming fans of the Cupertino giant.

Several reports also suggest that the iPhone 6 price will be far from cheap, with the 4.7 and 5.5-inch models probably going for $850 (around £510) and $950 (around £570) respectively. But that is not the real problem.

There will be an improved battery, even more so a 2,100 mAh, this is a huge leap from the 1560mAh found in the iPhone 5S but not in the league of its competitors like Samsung Galaxy S5 which house a Li-Ion 2,800 mAh battery, Nexus 5 – 2,300 mAh, LG G3 – 3,000 mAh, Sony Xperia Z2 – 3,200 mAh, HTC One M8 – 2,600 mAh and Motorola Moto X – 2,200 mAh.

The Cupertino giant may have thought differently about this, since its new operating system, iOS 8 has been proven to extend the phone’s battery life by giving users the ability to switch off the apps that consume more power. But, what remains to be seen is if this feature is superior to similar options in Android devices.

Other striking features of the iPhone 6 are a 20-nanometer A8 chip (64-bit) processor, an 8MP camera, featuring flash and Optical Image Stabilization among several other upgrades.

According to latest claims, the smartphones would come with a new version of cable that can be plugged into a USB port either way. The connector design would be compatible with any USB ports on computers or any other device, while it is also being reported that at least one of the smartphones will not have more than 1GB RAM.

A repair company in Asia called GeekBar recently leaked a schematic for the iPhone 6, claiming the new device will only have 1 GB of RAM. What is not clear is which of the smartphones the schematic represents.

If these latest rumours have an iota of truth in them, the iPhone 6 would join its predecessors iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c in housing 1 GB of RAM. That size of RAM would definitely be lower than the competition such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8, which both sports 2 GB of RAM. Most Apple fans are already aware that the company has never believed in competing on the amount of RAM in the iPhone, it has indeed chosen the road less travelled: design thinking and optimizing the user experience.

Apple will reportedly be hosting an iPhone event on Sept. 13, and the phones will come out shortly.

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iPhone 6 Rumour Roundup

The web is bursting with iPhone 6 rumours and it can be hard to know who – or what – to believe. But don’t fret fellow web-goer, Gecko Mobile Recycling have searched far and wide to bring the most credible iPhone 6 rumours together, so you don’t have to!

What we know so far… (in a nutshell)

  • Autumn Release
  • Two larger screen sizes
  • Sapphire Crystal Screen
  • Faster Hardware 

Why a bigger screen?

There is strong evidence that the screen will be larger based on slides leaked from the Apple V Samsung trial (see below), and media reports.


Specifically, a Bloomberg contact reported that Apple will introduce not one – but TWO – new iPhone models. One is expected to have a 4.7 inch display while it is anticipated that the other will have a 5.5 inch screen. Incidentally, it was the same source who said that these new models are expected to be released in Autumn.

Worried about scratching your brand new iPhone 6?

Don’t be! Apple recently partnered with GT Advanced – who make scratch-proof sapphire glass. Now, sapphire is quite expensive (being a precious stone and all). But don’t fret, GT Advanced recently acquired a snazzy Ion Cannon which has cut the cost of producing sapphire glass dramatically! What does this mean for you? Well, it means the chance of getting your mitts on a sapphire-coated scratch-proof iPhone 6 is a lot more likely now!

Why Faster Hardware?

Apple have always given their latest model a speed bump, and we don’t think this time will any different. Also, The Wall Street Journal have recently reported that Apple has paired with Taiwan Semiconductor Company to produce ‘A Series’ chips for future Apple devices. The iPhone 6 is reportedly going to be kitted out with a 20-nanometer A8 chip comprising a quad-core processor and quad-core graphics, a big step-up from the dual-core A7 found in the iPhone 5S and iPad Mini Retina.

So there  you have it … the latest and greatest iPhone 6 rumours rounded up for your reading pleasure.

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