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iPhone 8: Price, Release Date & Rumours

That time of year is here again. Apple is scheduled to shortly unveil the latest iteration of its flagship product: iPhone. On the 12th of September the tech world will hold its breath as Apple executives announce a device expected to be dubbed iPhone 8. This year’s release is said to be a significant upgrade from the iPhone 7, not least because it is iPhone’s 10th birthday. Here is what we know so far about the iPhone 8 release date, price and other rumours…

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Release Date

Although the new iPhone will almost certainly be announced on September 12, we need to wait for Apple to confirm the release date. According to TechRadar the iPhone 8 will be released at the end of September or October, with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus being released beforehand in mid September. Demand for the new models is expected to be high, so we recommend pre-ordering your new phone as soon as you can.

iPhone 8 Price

According to a recent report by the New York Times, Apple’s new iPhone is set to be priced at an eye-watering $999 (£780) for the base model. If true, this is a significant increase from the £599 32GB iPhone 7.

Like its predecessors,  you will need to cough up extra if you want more storage for your iPhone 8. Rumours suggest that the new phone will come in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB storage configurations. This would make sense as the latest iPad boasts the same storage options, and will be welcome news for anyone who stores lots of media on their device.

iPhone 8 Features & Design

iPhone 8 Rear Housing

According to MacRumours the iPhone 8 is a big departure from its predecessors in terms of design. Apple are said to be doing away with the outdated LCD technology used in its previous iPhones, and replacing it with OLED technology in at least the premium iPhone 8 model. This will allow for a thinner device that uses less power, with a much higher quality display than previous models. The screen size of the new model is said to be 5.5″, the same as the iPhone 7 Plus.

In addition to an OLED display, the new iPhone is rumoured to boast an all glass enclosure (not great if you have slippery fingers!). It is yet to be seen whether Apple will do anything to strengthen the housing (for example using Corning Gorilla Glass, or sapphire as they have in their camera lenses and home buttons of the past).

Speaking of home buttons, the iPhone 8 is set to shun its main button. The rumoured edge-to-edge glass display will take its place, with face recognition replacing the function of Touch ID.

Fans of Samsung’s wireless charging will rejoice as the iPhone 8 is reportedly set to adopt the technology. Leaked images from Foxconn – who manufacture Apple’s devices – show an induction charging coil, adding weight to the rumour.

Leaked images of iPhone 8 induction charging coil.

Under the hood, it may come as no surprise that Apple has kitted the iPhone 8 out with the latest silicon. The new A11 chip is both faster and more energy efficient than earlier iterations.

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iPad App Grounds Planes

pilots using ipads on flight deck

These days, we all need technology to aid us in our everyday life. There are so many apps on the market right now that you can control your entire life with your smartphone or tablet. It is not just citizens who use apps all the time, though – professionals also need them in their daily activities. It might surprise you to learn that some of the most technical career people, such as pilots, use this type of technology to help them. When the tech fails, though, there are catastrophic consequences.

Until as recently as 2013, the major airlines in the world tended to use paperwork on board. Pilots would often have to carry reams of paperwork with them, which seemed a little unnecessary. That year, American Airlines made the crucial decision to go paperless. The change would save trees and also save a whole load of cash in fuel each year. Aside from being better for the environment, this move made each pilot’s job easier than it was before that time. With the use of an online database and a simple app, the entire staff had access to all the information they needed. With much of the modern world using new high-tech gadgets, it made perfect sense that the professionals would too.

iPad Software

When the company chose to go paperless, they gave each of their pilots an iPad, loaded with all the apps they would need. While in-flight, the tablet means that any pilot can access a wealth of flight information, maps and features. In essence, this technology should mean that there are never any technical glitches. As we all know, though, no software works like clockwork. In fact, much of the time, it can fail you when you need it most.

App glitch (April 2015)

Last month, there was a glitch with the some third-party software, which caused the pilots’ iPads to stop working. American Airlines were quick to point out that the problem was with the app itself, rather than Apple’s software. The app in question was FliteDeck – a specialist piece of software that is only available to people within the industry. Unfortunately, the app stopped working for a brief period, which meant that many planes could not fly. According to sources, a duplicate database in the application caused it to malfunction. Without the app, there was no way for the pilots to continue in their jobs. That in itself just goes to show how much faith people put in technology.

Quick fix

When the problem arose, the officials at American Airlines were quick to act. The management team told each pilot to uninstall and reinstall the app so that it might work. Some people found that doing so solved their problem altogether. Failing that, pilots flying certain routes had to use PDF copies of the database so that they could navigate the flight.

Most airlines around the globe have now switched (or are now switching) to paperless systems. That means that the majority of planes will need to use modern technology on board. The move is one that should mean flights are safer than they once were because the app offers pilots timely updates.

Apple Sells 61.1 Million iPhones In Q1 2015

apple q1 2015 sales by product

The iPhone has always been a high-selling product. As one of Apple’s most popular lines, it is no great surprise that the phone makes the company a large percentage of its income. Annual iPhone sales are always extremely high, but in Q1 of 2015, the company surpassed expectations. In the first quarter of this year, Apple sold 61.1 million units. There is no denying the fact that the iPhone is one of the best-selling phones of all time, and now Apple have the figure to prove it.

Record sales in 2015

This quarter has been Apple’s second most successful quarter of all time. That means that there have been record-breaking sales in short periods. This period came second only to the last quarter in 2014 when the brand sold 74.5 million phones. It is, of course, understandable that in the lead up to Christmas there was a peak in sales. Despite that, nobody expected the high level of sales to continue into the new year.

In the same quarter last year, the numbers were nowhere near as impressive as they are now in 2015. In fact, at the time some investors complained that there was a decrease in sales. There has been a mind-blowing increase in sales between 2014 and 2015. In fact, in Q1 of 2014, Apple sold a just 43.7 million units. That means that in this quarter, the brand sold 17.7 million more iPhones than it did in the same quarter last year.

Users switching to iPhone

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has commented that there has been a noticeable trend in people switching to iPhones. While there is a broad range of smartphones on the market, it would appear that many users favour Apple over the vast competition.

Boost in Chinese sales

America has always been Apple’s biggest market and thus one in which the company promotes itself greatly. For a long time, though, Europe came a close second, but recent numbers show that times are changing. An enormous boost in Apple sales in China has meant that the country is now the second largest market for Apple products. The change follows the company opening five new Apple Stores in the region. The move is just one aspect of the company’s plan to grab the Chinese market. By 2016, there should be 40 new stores in the country, which will help to boost Apple’s Asian sales.

iPad Vs. iPhone

Despite the growing popularity of the iPhone, it would appear that the far less fashionable iPad is lagging behind. Apple has sold over 250 million tablets since they released the iPad back in 2010. While at first that number might sound impressive, it is a mere drop in the ocean when you compare it to iPhone sales.

Experts believe that the growing trend will continue, and Apple will keep selling record amounts of iPhones in Q2. With no new iPhone releases on the horizon, though, some customers might wait it out until the next iPhone comes out. That issue means that Apple could see a decline in their sales, at least in the short-term.

iPads And iPhones Hit By Piracy App

popcorn time

Don’t you just love sitting down and watching your favourite movie? These days, people don’t bother with the cinema as much as they used to. Why should they? Now, you can get all the latest movies without leaving the house. There are, of course, many subscription based services that offer customers the best TV shows and movies. Amazon Prime Instant Video is becoming increasingly popular, yet Netflix is still ahead of the game. But, what if users could watch movies without having to pay for them? The beauty of Netflix and its competitors is that they have a simple interface that allows people to choose any show they like. For a long time, pirate sites were not as easy to use, but that all changed with the launch of Popcorn Time.

Popcorn Time

A year ago, Popcorn Time launched around the world. The app was available for download on PC devices. Once users had it, they were able to access a world of cinematic joy without having to sign up to a contract. Once opened, the app looks much like Netflix. Users can choose genres and browse loads of different shows in seconds. The app connects to torrent sites and, once a user presses play, it starts to download the film. That means that the videos on the app are super high quality, if not particularly legal.

Apple’s guidelines

While users can install almost anything they want onto Window devices, Apple has high security. If you want to release an app onto the iPad or iPhone, you need to submit it for approval. Of course, there is no way that Apple would approve an app like Popcorn Time. The app allows users to get free content, which they would need to buy from the iTunes store otherwise. There is a legal grey area when it comes to the app as well. The app itself is not illegal, yet the torrents it accesses are.

New installation tactics

Last month, though, the people behind Popcorn Time came up with an ingenious way to make sure that the app was available to everyone. Users can download an installer for their Windows computer. Once they have it, it will allow them to transfer media from their computer to their iPad or iPhone. That means that people can start downloading Popcorn Time on their Apple devices with ease. Of course, it is only a matter of time before Apple shuts this function down.

Promotional video

In celebration of their one-year anniversary, Popcorn Time released a rather weird video. The video is a cartoon featuring popcorn people. It references a range of big blockbuster movies including the Clockwork Orange. It also features some creepy voice-over work. After many setbacks, it seems that this platform is still going strong. This video seems as though it is mocking those who tried to stop the app creators from releasing it. In the past, various companies have tried to shut the app down, yet it keeps coming back, and each time it is stronger.

Pope’s iPad Sells For $30,500!

pope sells iPad

Nobody can say that iPads are cheap, but would you pay $30,500 for one? No? Well, that’s what one person did in April when they bought a special iPad at auction. Last month, Pope Francis auctioned off his iPad in aid of a good cause. As you might imagine, the move got a whole load of media attention and bidders from around the globe tried to win the holy gadget. It is not the first time the Pope has auctioned off his things. Last year, he sold a Harley Davidson for $320,000 at auction. The motorbike had been a gift, yet he decided to donate the money to a local charity.

Charity auction

At a charity auction in Uruguay last month, the Pope decided to put his used iPad up for sale. After many bidders had attempted to win the device, it was an over-the-phone bidder who claimed it. Bidding a massive $30,500, the person won the iPad with ease. The proceeds from the auction have gone towards helping a local Uruguayan school for poor children. As you might imagine, the Pope is no stranger to charitable activities, and this one follows a long history of similar events.

So, who bought the iPad?

Many people are wondering who bought the iPad. Since the bidder paid over the phone, it is hard to know who it was. It must have been someone with a lot of cash to splash, given the amount they were willing to pay for the gadget. Right now, nobody knows who the anonymous bidder was, and we are unlikely to find out anytime soon. People have speculated about who it might be, but with the officials keeping their lips sealed, we may never know the truth.

What did they get for $30,500?

For that amount of money, you might expect that the buyer would get more than just an iPad. Well, the gadget did come with its fair share of extras. On the back of the device, there is an inscription that says, “His Holiness Francisco. Servizio Internet Vatican, March 2013.” There is also a certificate from the Vatican that serves as proof of the iPad’s authenticity. That means that the buyer can prove that the gadget was once the property of the Pope. Aside from that, it appears that Pope Francis has also thrown in an old keyboard so that they buyer can use the gadget as a mini-notebook.

Pope Francis Vs. technology

For some people, it seems a little odd that a holy man such as Pope Francis has such an interest in technology. People don’t tend to associate mainstream religion with gadgets, yet the Pope has always loved them. He has said that the internet is a “gift from God” and says that we should use it to try and spread the word of Christianity. He has also used the video chat function on Google Hangouts to communicate with disabled children around the globe. His use of gadgets shows that even the most ancient of religions can learn to embrace new technology.

iPad 5 Years Old, Microsoft Hits 40

microsoft vs apple

This year is a momentous one for Microsoft. After 40 years of business, the company officials have a great deal to celebrate. Indeed, when they first launched, there were many obstacles that stood in their way. The technological landscape was entirely different back then to the one you see today. Computing systems were not mainstream products – they were for professionals and those in academia. That meant that the Microsoft customer pool was much smaller and more niche than it is today. In its first twenty years, the company emerged as one of the biggest (and, of course, most powerful) tech companies in the world.

So, what changed? Well, simply put, Apple came along. The two companies have been competing ever since, and recently, it would appear that Apple have been winning. In the last five years, at least, it is clear to see a steady decline in Microsoft’s popularity. During that time, Apple have enjoyed quite the opposite effect. In fact, in Q1 of this year, the iPhone sales soared. The companies have, for a long time, been rivals, but is there any fight left in Microsoft?

Microsoft 2010 – 2015

The tablet changed the way in which people use technology forever. Somewhere between the smartphone and the laptop, this new gadget captured the hearts of the masses. For a long time, before the release of the iPad, the officials at Microsoft had been toying with the idea of launching a tablet. In fact, they planned to call this new device a ‘slate PC’ and believed that it would be much like modern touchscreen devices. One of Microsoft’s great mistakes here was failing to get the right technology to use for this idea.

The problem with Microsoft tablets

The main issue was that the officials did not plan to change all that much about the system itself. The tablets they wanted to launch would use Windows 7, regardless of the fact that it is a different device. These operating system issues were the source of many of Microsoft’s problems. Launching a product without a functional interface is no good at all, as the officials would soon learn. The Microsoft team were well aware of both smartphone and tablet technology, yet they did not get the timing right. Each time they attempted to launch a product of this nature, they failed to get the best software. While the experts were on the right track, they had no way of competing with what Apple were about to launch.

The success of the iPad

In 2010, the launch of the iPad changed everything. Now, five years later, it is impossible to imagine a world without these high-tech tablets. What made the tablets so popular was their utter simplicity. Microsoft’s failed attempts were targeting the wrong market. They thought that tablets would appeal only to professionals and workers. In fact, this type of technology has a vast and diverse appeal, and one which the officials at Microsoft could not have imagined. Apple’s iOS was easy to use, which meant that everyone could get themselves an iPad. By opening the product up to a mass market, Apple ensured its ultimate success.

So, what will Microsoft do next? In a letter to his employees, Bill Gates said that they should look towards the future. Only time will tell if they can change their fortune or whether it is time to switch off for good.