5 Reasons Not To Sell Your Phone On eBay

It may at first seem like a good idea to sell your old mobile phone on eBay. But with mobile phone trade in websites making the sale process quicker, easier and risk-free, there are 5 reasons why you should consider not selling your phone on eBay.

1) Returns

eBay allows buyers 30 days from delivery to return phones for any reason under their Money Back Guarantee.

Buyers are allowed to return items under the eBay Money Back Guarantee regardless of your return policy (even if you state that returns are not accepted).

PayPal (eBay’s only payment processor at time of writing) allows buyers 6 months to open a dispute for a refund, and the main card issuers (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) all allow buyers 6 months to open a chargeback for a refund. It is almost impossible to successfully dispute a PayPal case or chargeback; the system is biased heavily in the interest of the buyer.

In conclusion, eBay returns can really eat into your postage costs and time, and PayPal cases and chargebacks can unexpectedly come back to bite you in the future.

2) Scammers

Scammers are notorious on eBay. They seem to come up with new tricks every day: returning rocks instead of phones, falsely claiming the item didn’t arrive, collecting the item but then claiming it wasn’t received, the list goes on…

These risks can be eliminated by selling your phone to a legitimate mobile phone recycling company, who will pay you via irreversible bank transfer once the item has arrived and been processed.

3) Fees

There are many hidden costs when selling on eBay. These include:

  • 10% final value fee
  • Listing fees
  • Fee to sell your listings faster [promoted listings] – typically around 5% extra
  • Postage fees

With a mobile phone recycler a pre-paid postage label is provided, and all postage is at their expense. There are no hidden nasties when selling to a mobile phone trade in site.

4) Effort

Your listing is a needle in a haystack on eBay. You need to spend time listing it in the correct category, with relevant keywords in the title and accurate and complete information in the listing specification section.

You also need to make your product sound appealing (without mis-selling it) and get your buyer to trust you with their hard earned cash – this is difficult and time consuming in itself as you have to build a reputation and positive feedback profile.

It takes such little time and effort to go onto a mobile phone trade in website and complete a simple form and allow them to help you do the rest.

5) Time to sell & timewasters

It takes time for a phone to sell at a good price on eBay. Your listing is one of thousands of similar items, some being sold for next-to-nothing. You’ll have to wait to get a good price. This could take weeks.

You could always speed up the process by auctioning your phone, but then the problem of timewasters comes into play – people who win your auction but then never pay. This wastes your time as you have to relist the item for another duration of time – before you know it it has been weeks and still no cash in the bank.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a quick, easy, risk-free way to sell your old iPhone or smartphone, the better option may be a mobile phone trade in website like Gecko Mobile Recycling vs a marketplace like eBay.

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